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Meet the Guys

Andrej Sikanjic

With a decade of experience in marketing, advertising and branding, this guy worked on brands across multiple industries including the likes of Diageo (basically, the whole catalogue), CUB, TWE, Canon, CCA, KFC, McDonald’s, IGA, Caltex using skills in design, concepting, visualising, retouching and 3d rendering.

That was one long sentence.

Ben Tongue

$param = 'Code'

Ben has passion for ’. $param .’ which means this “About me” comes with some kind of ’. $param .‘ geek reference.’; Developing hard from the back to the front - front to the back, making things dynamic and stopping hack attacks.

He really is Full-Stack and across many technologies including React, WordPress, CMS, ERP's, Restful API integrations, Webflow, Blazor and sooo much more.

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